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EP28  Dad Sets The Tone

Do you get distracted when you get home from work?  After hunting all day at work, it can be hard to be focused on being present as a husband and father when you get home.  As fathers we set the tone when we come home.  If we continue to respond to calls, emails, and text…


EP27 Lack Of Communication

Stories are created in relationships due to a lack of communication.  Without clear communication, it’s easy to create false exceptions in any situation.  This isn’t limited to romantic relationships.  As a business owner I’ve created stories in my head about things that needed to be done.  I’ve then proceeded to get upset about things not…


EP26 Reasons Or Results

Do you have a habit of focusing on your reasons?  It seems that so many of us have the default mindset of focusing on why we can’t do something, thus defeating ourselves before we even start.  Often we place the opinions of others ahead of our own.  When working with a client, we discovered that…


EP25 Setting A Daily Intention

Many of us are focused on some goal so far down the road that we don’t concentrate on what we need to do today to accomplish it. One of the easiest ways to find your way and create power in your life is by setting a daily intention. Creating an intention for what you want to…


EP24  Habit Math

Most of us think that in order to make massive change, we must take immediate massive action.  While that might work for some, The Two Minute drill is what I find to be the most effective effective tool in building habits to create change (see EP14).  Today I explain why starting at a simple 2:00…


EP23  Habit of Scarcity

Have you ever felt like you don’t have the resources to be successful?  In all likelihood, you’re suffering from a Habit of Scarcity.  Scarcity mindset is a killer if you let it in your life.  It tells you you aren’t enough.  It puts you in survival mode. It close you off from seeing and wanting…


EP22  Habit of Sex

Have you ever felt alone?  Have you ever felt unloved? Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of where we’ve been and the work we’ve done to get to where we’re at.  Seven years after starting a business, the relationship between my wife and I just wasn’t where it needed to be.  We weren’t having sex,…


EP21 Do You Judge Yourself?

Do you have a habit of judging yourself each and everyday?  Is it warranted or is it overly critical?  In my personal experience this has been particularly challenging.  Dating back to high school and my use of anabolic steroids, it seems I’ve always had some type of issue with my body.  To put it bluntly,…


EP20 Do You Have A Habit Of Not Smiling?

Smiling is contagious.  Whether you pay attention or not, a smile will lift your spirits.  It’s even scientifically proven that it takes more effort and muscles to produce a frown than it does a smile.  Thanks to a dose of reality from my wife and my public speaking coach, I realized I’m one of those…

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