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EP38  Kryptonite

Do you have a habit of avoiding problems?  For many of us this is our kryptonite.  This is problematic because kryptonite is like a black hole.  It swallows light and our capacity to grow.  It creates shame, guilt, secrecy, problematic relationships, and much more.  For some, kryptonite is addiction.  For others, psychological or physical trauma…


EP37  Interview w/ Scott Nelson, Co-Founder of Joovv

Today I’m joined in studio by Scott Nelson.  Scott is one of the co-founders of Joovv, the incredible red-light therapy device that makes high-quality home based treatment a reality.  The overall focus of today’s episode is the effect that light exposure has on everything we do.  Beyond the Joovv, Scott offers up some of his…


EP36 The Habit Of Saying Yes

How often in your life are you saying yes when you really want to say no?  Are you committing to things out of a sense of loyalty or obligation?  The hard and honest truth is that when when say yes to everyone else, we’re saying no to ourselves.  So what would happen if you said…


EP35 40 Years of Zen Pt #3

Most of us are stuck in this animalistic state of never being able to shut off our minds.  We’re stuck in this state because we never fully recover.  We never recover from traumas, workouts, lack of sleep, and so on.  It was during the last two days that I was able to start shaking off…


EP34 40 Years of Zen Pt #2

Grudges take energy.  They eat up our time in the present and prevent us from looking toward the future.  Learning to forgive is essential to moving forward in life.  Without it you will always be stuck in the past.  The irony of it all is we don’t really have to learn to forgive other people.…


EP33 40 Years of Zen Pt 1

Living a challenge based lifestyle means creating measurable goals and targets to shoot for.  After four years of living this lifestyle I realized that I had accomplished a lot in body, balance, and business, but I had largely neglected going deep into being.  To be completely transparent, I believe I was avoiding it because it’s…


EP32 Habit of Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most essential components of living a happy and fulfilled life.  A lack of gratitude generally leads to a pretty miserable existence.  We don’t appreciate our jobs, our family, our children, ourselves, or anything else.  The absence of gratitude will cause you to jump to some conclusions that simply aren’t true.…


EP31 Hiring A Pro

Social media is a tricky thing.  While it’s a great tool to connect and grow a business, it gives people the ability to loo way bigger than they are.  I’m not talking physical size, I mean in terms of knowledge and expertise.  This means people frequently hire individuals who are individuals posing as pro’s.  Instead…


EP30 Valentine’s Day

As a man, there’s three major times a year you have to show up for your wife:  your anniversary, your wife’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day.  Herein lies the problem with many relationships.  The man believes he gets a pass for the rest of the year if he takes care of these three days.  This couldn’t…


EP29  Fear Of Failure

No matter if we want to admit it, most of us carry some type of fear.  Many times it comes from childhood where we’re frequently taught that failure is not an option.  The problem with this is it creates fear and it breeds procrastination.  Instead of taking action, we remain idle and create excuses.  Here’s…

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