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EP48 Marriage Habits #2

Let’s talk about sex!  Now that I have your attention, my beautiful wife joins me today to share what we do in order to maintain an exciting sex life in our relationship.  Today we explore why a healthy sex life isn’t simply about physical connection, but also emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  We also explain the…

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EP47 Marriage Habits #1

Communication is the most essential piece of maintaining any relationship.  When communication is good, a relationship flourishes.  When it’s not, things become disconnected and uncomfortable.  Learning the way that your partner prefers to communicate will take your relationship to the next level.  Today my wife and I discuss the five love languages as well as…

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EP45 Habit Of Working Too Much

As men we tend to default toward working long and hard hours.  We create stories that it’s OK because we’re focusing on building our business, that we’re providing for our family, and that we’re creating for our future.  If we’re really being honest, these are just stories we’ve made up over the years to justify…

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EP44 Habit Of Doing The Work

When is doing the no longer the way to go?  When it becomes forced.  The truth is that ’The Work’ never truly goes away.  It never goes away in business, my body, or my relationships.  Remaining too focused on doing the daily work and simply checking off the boxes doesn’t leave much room for creativity.…

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EP43 Habit Of Living From An Immature Ego

The term ego tends to carry a negative connotation.  The reality of the situation is  there are both positive and negative forms of ego.  With the immature ego we tend to live in the past.  It is a place of safety because we attempt to control every single aspect of a situation.  A mature ego…

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EP42 Habit Of Comfort

How often in your life are you searching for comfort?  When we’re faced with any challenge in life the easiest thing to do is default back to comfortable situations, whether that’s a friend, a relationship, a former version of ourselves, a habit, and so on.  This means that in order to truly change, you must…

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EP41 Stretching Your Habits

Core habits are essential to growing and succeeding every day.  While your habits don’t have to mirror mine, it’s important to not only establish consistent habits but also to continuously evolve them.  Why?  If they don’t evolve it’s more likely that you’ll become comfortable and fall back into previous patterns and bad habits.  Even after…

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EP40 The Habit Of Helping People

Do you have a habit of wanting to help everyone?  I’ve built my career on helping people change their lives in fitness and in the coaching space.  Sometimes help isn’t wanted, needed, or necessary.  The issue that can occur when we try to solve other people’s problems is that they don’t develop the skills to…

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EP39 Our Thoughts Are Not Our Reality

Do you have a habit of living in the past or living in the future?  One of the biggest problems we have in our lives is that we get stuck.  We get stuck because our minds become fixated on something that happened or has yet to happen.  The painful part is these past and future…

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