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Jesse Ewell is a Married businessman, father, athlete, entrepreneur and Warrior! Author of “Man in the Mirror” he is currently the host of “Habit Based Lifestyle” a podcast and program that offers exclusive coaching and live training to help people find balance in business and in life. A personal trainer for over 20 years, four of which he has spent as a lifestyle coach, and 13 as a wildly successful entrepreneur, he is A man who truly embodies all that he teaches. He has overcome huge difficulties in his life and empowers others to do the same. A devoted husband and father as well as a coach, trainer and mentor to many, Jesse has committed his entire life to personal development and hybrid entrepreneurship with a focus on constant growth and expansion.

From a young age Jesse did not find himself on an easy path, and for many years he struggled. He felt lost and without a purpose. When he was 18, he dropped out of college and at 19 he became a father to his first son. Unfortunately, life did not get any easier. Over the next four years he found himself in and out jail and selling drugs. He battled with anger issues and choose to numb his feelings by using drugs, but through personal training he found his way out. He discovered that helping others was his calling and this enabled him to completely turn his life around. At 27, he and his wife opened their first training facility in Tacoma Washington, which grew rapidly and expanded into two locations and a multi-million-dollar empire.

A hybrid businessman with an athlete’s mindset, Jesse has, through trials and tribulations, found a system of habits that has helped him to achieve positivity and success where previously, there was only anger, worry and struggle. He has dedicated the last 20 years of his life developing the skillset and mindset of a 4-dimensional human in Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Emotionally and is now ready to share these gifts with many so many others.

This is why Jesse and his beautiful Wife Katie and there 3 kids decided to move from their home in Washington State and sell their multi-million-dollar training business’s. Here in Southern California, he is devoted to pursuing his purpose and passion of awakening people to reach their Human Potential and become more.

Currently, he is adept and devoted to helping others find harmony and improve the four aspects of fitness and nutrition, intrapersonal relationships, spirituality and business. This same system of habits has helped thousands of men, women, and families around the world to thrive and live a life filled with joy, strength and fulfillment.

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